From Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai to Hero, Here's the May lineup for ZEE5


As Indian grapples with the second wave and several states go into lockdown mode, OTT is once again the only source of entertainment. ZEE5 has been trying to offer some interesting content to the users and in the month of May, it has upped the game as far as it movie line up is concerned. 

Here is a look at the content that will be available on the ZEE5 platform in the month of May

Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai on ZEE5 with ZEEPlex – 13th May (Eid)

ZEE5, India’s leading streaming platform with ZEEPlex announced their biggest release for the year – Salman Khan starrer – Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, this Eid, 13th May. A film that fans can watch in the safety of their homes on ZEE5 with ZEEPlex or in select theatres following all the safety protocols and social distancing rules. It will be the first-ever big-scale entertainer from India to have a multi-format release. Alongside Salman Khan, the film also stars Disha Patani, Randeep Hooda and Jackie Shroff in pivotal roles.


Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban – May 7 (theatrical movie)

A terrible series of events occur when a public employee unexpectedly enters a police station. The film, a Tamil crime thriller, stars Suresh Ravi and Raveena Ravi in lead roles, with RJ Munna, Supergood Subramani and Sharath Ravi in supporting roles.

Nenjam Marappathillai – May 14 (theatrical movie)

A Tamil horror film starring S. J. Suryah, Regina Cassandra and Nandita Swetha

Malaysia to Amnesia – May 28 (Original Film)

Arun, a successful entrepreneur, and father of 4-year-old Nivetha lies to his caring housewife Sujatha that he is going on a Business trip to Malaysia and instead flies to Bengaluru to spend time with his secret girlfriend Bhavna.  Things take a crazy turn as the flight he pretended to have travelled in goes missing. With the help of his friend,  Prabhu, how in an attempt to convince his wife and her sceptical uncle Narayanan, he gets caught up in the chaos of his own lies is what the story is all about.

Zindagi shows on ZEE5:

13th May


Story of a young, full of life and vibrant girl, Gohar who dreams of a fairy tale wedding and a happily ever after. Gohar is mistreated by her maternal aunt and cousins. She is married off to her paternal cousin, Sami. Little does she know that Sami’s family wishes to seek revenge against her father and grandmother due to an old feud. A story of a young girl with exceptional spirit.

Teri Berukhi

A married couple face domestic disputes on account of their children and the companies they are surrounded with. After their divorce, both of them remarry and go on to live their separate lives. But, life has something else planned for them when Aleena and Numair meet again on a life’s threshold with a decision to get back together or stay in their new lives.

Mere Humdum Mere Dost

Aiman’s life takes a turn when her estranged father, Tufeeq, leaves her in the care of his friend, Haider, before leaving for Turkey. Aiman and Haider eventually fall in love. While Haider is wary of admitting his feelings to Aiman due to their age gap, he takes a decision that brings Aiman’s life on a threshold. A tale of compassion, separation and love surviving the test of times.


Manjali tells the story of Tooba, a strong-willed and free-spirited girl who wants to make the most of her life, even though her humble background and ‘difficult’ father makes that far from easy.

Jo Chale To Jaan Se Guzar Gaye

Zulfishan, an ordinary middle-class girl is engaged to her cousin Azar and is strongly in love with him. All of a sudden Sayed Alim Shah, a landlord sees her and falls in love with her. He forces Zulfishan to marry him as Azar’s life is in danger. In an accident Alam Shah loses his legs. With the passage of time Zulfishan starts loving her husband. When Azar gets the real facts about her marriage, he gets shocked and asks Zulfishan to get divorce from him but she refuses. Torn between force, love and sacrifice will Zulfishan be able to get her true love?

27th May

Mi Raqsam

Revolves around two childhood sweethearts and star crossed lovers, Zeeshan and Sadia, and highlighting the hypocrisy and selfishness embedded in our society.

Aasmanon Pe Likha

Qudsiya is a simple middle-class girl with the hopes and dreams of happily ever after. Her dreams eventually shatter when her in-laws demand dowry for marriage and her father passes away in shock. Her life turns upside down when Aliaan marries her to put an end to her problems. A relation which came into being by an accident but becomes stronger as they ensue in their lives.

Umm E Haniya

The story revolves around the life of a passionate young woman Romi, an aspiring cricketer who against all odds and family reluctances goes to make her dream come true and play cricket at the National level. Her life and dreams are soon derailed as she faces adversities one after the other.

Mere Khwabon Ka Dia

Shabnam’s life turns upside down when her elder brother dies in an accident leaving her entire family in the middle of a financial crisis. She takes upon herself to care for the family and in return has to sacrifice her marriage to Yousuf. But Yousuf has his eyes set on her younger sister Neelam and wants to marry her. Both the sisters who are extremely close to each other find themselves caught on an edge of hate, sacrifice and jealousy as one decision changes their lives.

Be Aib

Sadaf, a manipulative woman, gets her daughter, Tooba, engaged to her sister, Shahana’s son,Taimur. An accident leaves Taimur disabled. Sadaf breaks Tooba and Taimur’s engagement and gets Tooba married to Fawad. Despite his love for Tooba, Taimur marries his cousin, Inaya. Caught in a storm of uncertainty, Taimur and Tooba navigate through the unexpected turns of their lives. Will Taimur and Tooba fall in love with their respective spouses? Or will they find a way to each other?


Deedan tells the story of two friends from a rural village. One girl serendipitously finds fortune in the big city while under the thumb of her husband; The other is forced to remain in the mountains in a warped family situation. It is the story of people who are bound by traditions, firm in their decisions and are true to their relations.

Meri Behen Maya

Zarmina and Maya’s happy life with their father Shahzeb gets disturbed after their father brings his second wife, Atiya in their lives. Atiya sends Zarmina to the hostel and mistreats Maya in Shahzeb and Zarmina’s absence. Amidst this, Maya soon finds out a harsh truth about herself that leaves her heartbroken.


Battala Ramaswami Biopikku – 14th May (Exclusive movie)

The story begins with the dead body of Ramaswamy and his 2 wives mourning and the other wife laughing. Ramaswamy loves his three wives equally and they love him the same. But the differences between the three wives and the debts left behind by his father leave Ramaswamy an unpleasant life.

Room No. 54 (Exclusive Series) – 21st May

Room No.54 is a story of four youngsters travelling the college phase together. They share various experiences to overcome the day to day obstacles. It deals with various challenges life throws at the youngsters and how they overcome each issue with the help of learnings from their alumni who keep dropping in at regular intervals and share their experiences. It has light-hearted humour with excitement, feelings of vulnerability and innocenc


Shadow (theatrical movie) – May 1

A man registers a complaint in the police station claiming that his shadow is missing. As the police begin working on the baffling case, he drops a hint on an accident that could have been a murder.

Hero (Theatrical movie) – May 9

A dark comedy written and directed by debutant M. Bharath Raj. The film features Rishab Shetty and debutante Ganavi Laxman in lead roles. The supporting star cast includes Pramod Shetty, Pradeep Shetty, and Ugramm Manju.

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