Navi Mumbai residents face water shortage issue; NMMC assures to solve it by June


The residents across Navi Mumbai have been lately facing water crisis. While the problem is temporary at some places, it has become a perennial issue at several other parts of the satellite city. 

People who reside in the jurisdiction of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) allege that water stops streaming in to their tanks all of a sudden and that they have to bear the brunt for days and sometimes weeks too.

Abhishek Sengar, who is also a teacher by profession, said, “At Ulwe there is no water supply from CIDCO since a week, and there is no update yet from the municipal corporation.”

Shedding light on this issue, the NMMC Commission Abhijit Bangar in conversation with Mumbai Live said, “This is not a very chronic issue anymore. We receive complaints of water shortage only from slum areas because of less pressure. but, we provide them with water tankers if there are any such complaints.”

The authority is exploring a valid alternative source of water to reduce the demand from Morbe Dam, currently the primary water supply for the region. “Due to no availability of pipelines in some areas, the water of Morbe Dam does not reach them. However, now to bring a permanent solution, the pipeline work has started in full swing and soon the residents will get water supply by May this year,” the commissioner added.

Earlier, the government agency Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) Board had decided to take several measures in order to solve the water crisis in the areas of Navi Mumbai.

The CIDCO Board has decided to reserve an additional 120 million litres a day (MLD) water from the Hetwane dam. The additional water to be received from Hetwane Dam will be used for various projects, villages, and towns in South Navi Mumbai.

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